Monday, November 17, 2008

15 Minutes of Shame

Number of verses dedicated to promising embarrassment for ex by way of singing indictments of bad behavior- 28

Number of verses offering actual indictment of bad behavior- 0

Number of verses asserting vauge implication of ex being "pretty good at workin' a line"- 1

Number of people who would realistically be embarrssed by this song- 1 (Kristy Lee Cook)

Number of reasons this song ever got near a Top 40 chart- 1 (Kristy Lee Cook being an American Idol middle of the pack finisher, something country music can't get enough of lately.)

1 comment:

Larry said...

this song did make to top 40 charts, qndf is a great song.. I liked others on the album better, but whoever wrote this blog has no cloue about talent or music. Go back to sweeping floors. I am so sick of nobody's who have nothing good to say about anyone. Get a life.