Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do You Believe Me Now?

Do you remember
the day I turned to you and said
I didn't like the way he was lookin' at you?
How he made you laugh
you just couldn't get what I was sayin'
it was my imagination

So do you believe me now?
I guess I really wasn't that crazy
and I knew what I was talkin' about
Everytime the sun goes down
he's the one that's holdin' you baby
yeah me I'm missin' you way 'cross town
so do you believe me now?

Blah blah blah it goes on like this

Does she believe you now? Given that she is, by your own admission, now way across town getting boinked by this mysterious stranger, yeah I'm betting she does. What the hell is this guy's problem anyway? "Gee honey, I really don't like the way that guy is hitting on you." No wonder she broke up with you, you pussy.

1 comment:

blaine_fridley said...

hahaha… my thoughts exactly before i read yours