Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothin' to Die For

You'd give your last breath to your wife
Take a bullet for your kids
Lay your life down for your country for your Jesus for your friends

I'm not exactly up on my Christianity these days, but is Jesus currently demanding blood sacrifice? Obviously there are still parts of the world where being a Christian can get you killed, but I question just how much Tim McGraw penetration there is in Indonesia, so the relevancy of this line is unclear at best.

Lay your life down for your country, for me and all your friends

Oh ho ho, thought you could slip that one by us, didn't you Tim? You come up with a plausible scenario in which I will lay my life down for you, then we'll talk.

1 comment:

cowgirlx37 said...

You obviously don't have religion if your life. Maybe if you did, you wouldn't need to sit around bashing people to feel better about yourself. Saying that he would lay his life down for his Jesus, he means that he would do anything for his God, for his religion. Which, I'm sure, is a lot more than you could say for yourself. I feel sorry for you.